Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Yasawa Youths Present Traditional Apology to Paramount Chief

Fiji Village News
by Selina Navuso
Village in Yasawa
It is a Boxing Day holiday with a difference for the youths in the Yasawa Group today.

Youths from all the villages in the Yasawa Group are gathering at Nacula village this hour to present their traditional apology, or “matanigasau” to their Paramount Chief, the “Turaga na Tui Drola” for the wrongs that they have committed this year.

This traditional apology is the first of its kind by the Yasawa youths.

Spokesperson, Saimoni Naivalu said the apology stemmed out of the youths acknowledging their wrong doings committed throughout the year that has brought disrepute to the island group as a whole, and they thought it is only benefitting to ask their Paramount Chief for forgiveness in the traditional manner before the start of a new year, 2012.

After the apology youths will then have their Annual General Meeting to discuss issues of development in the Yasawa group but not at the cost of affecting their attractive tourist destination that they are renowned for.

An evening of festivities in Nacula village is also going to take place before the youths return to their respective villages tomorrow.

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