Monday, February 25, 2013

Unidentified Young Woman Dancing in Ba


Photograph taken by Whites Aviation, 24 September 1949

Do you know people who could help with a puzzle we're trying to solve? 

An exhibition called 'Island Style: Dancing the Pacific' will open at the Turnbull Gallery in the National Library of New Zealand on 18 March 2013.

We have a photograph of a young Fijian woman that was taken at Ba in September 1949 by Whites Aviation Ltd.  There is no record of her name.  We are using it in the exhibition, and it is also on the poster advertising the Turnbull Gallery programme for this year. 

It is hoped that someone from Ba might recognise her, even after all these years.  The photograph is on the  National Library of New Zealand web site at:

There are three more Whites Aviation Ltd photographs of her at

Whites Aviation seems to have been touring the road from Nadi, through Lautoka and Ba up to Rakiraki at the time.  There are lots of more photographs of hotels (mostly Northern Hotels Ltd) and their amenities, and local townships and people. We're guessing that the young woman may have worked at the Ba hotel, as garden shown in the background is similar to other shots of the hotel there. 

We would love to find out her name, and perhaps a bit more about her.  Her family might not know about the photographs either.  If you are able to suggest anyone that we might contact, we would be very grateful. 

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Vinaka vakalevu.