Fijian Video Jokes - Your Fijian Jokes Site

This Website is dedicated to Fijian jokesters and comedians where they can share their talents and make others laugh out LOUD!

Joke telling appears to be a lost art in Fijian society so it is great that some have started to revive it.

Joke telling and comedy, when appropriately delivered can really add life to any Fijian gathering, especially around the Yaqona bowl in villages and homes.

Jokes and comedy often recount a tale or event which allow people to laugh at themselves in a totally inoffensive manner.

It is a wonderful antidote to life at the toughest of times and needs to be embraced and relished once again.

CLICK HERE to watch the videos on this website and to enjoy, laugh and even  confirm the therapeutic effect of telling jokes - Fijian Jokes in this case! LOL!
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