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Bainimarama & Khaiyum's Lies & Evil Designs on iTaukei Land in their Draft Constitution

Bai & Khai Duo dodgy plans for Fijian Land!

 Given the critical importance of land to native Fijians, I thought I will include these pieces posted by Navosavakadua on the FijiToday Blog. It should be thought-provoking to all Fijians in the current political climate as the Bainimarama Dictatorship forces its draft constitution on the people of Fiji.

What a juvenile smart aleck
by navosavakadua
How stupid does Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum think we all are?
He’s claiming that the ‘conversion’ of 68.7 hectares of native land to Crown grant land under the Qarase Government proves that there never was any protection for Native land entrenched in past constitutions.

He knows that there’s always been a provision for the swapping of Native land for Crown land so that essential infrastructure could be provided. 

His STATE LANDS (AMENDMENT) DECREE 2013 (DECREE NO. 7 OF 2013) deals with this issue, putting an end to this small degree of flexibility in Native land legislation. He claimed this was to protect Native land, but it was never more than an attempt to spread the lie that he was all for protecting Native land.
As things stand, Bainimarama’s 2010 Land Use Decree gives him the right as PM to approve 99 years leases under whatever terms and conditions he likes on any native land. He can’t take ownership without proper compensation, but giving 99 year leases with low rents is no different from seizing the land. It will take 4 generations for land to be recovered by its owners.

Under all previous constitutions, the Bainimarama Land Use Decree 2010 would be unconstitutional but the Land Use Decree says “This Decree has effect notwithstanding any provision of the Native Land Trust Act [Cap. 134], Agricultural Landlord and Tenant Act [Cap. 270], Agricultural Landlord and Tenant Ordinance 1966 and any other law”. It over-rides every other law of the land.

As with all ASK decrees there is specific provision that “any decision of any Minister or any State official or body, made under this Decree” cannot be challenged in a “court, tribunal, commission” etc etc.

If Sayed-Khaiyum thinks all this bunkum about land swaps means that we’ll think no protections have been removed he must take us for fools.

This smart-alecky school boy debating shows how out of touch he is with reality.

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Land Use Decree plus Constitution equals land power grab by Bainimarama
by navosavakadua

Understanding of the implications of the Bainimarama constitution’s abolition of all protection for Native land is slowly spreading.

A storm has blown up on the Fiji Democracy Now blogsite on the issue of whether the Qarase Government broke the law with the swap of Native Land for freehold land in the Momi Bay development. It seems two things are being confused here.
(For a legal analysis and more evidence on how the Bainimarama Dictatorship lied about this transaction log on:
1. Was the law broken to effect a swap of native land for freehold?
2. Did the landowners get a fair deal?

On the first issue, it’s clear the law was NOT broken. For starters, if the law had been broken, Sayed-Khaiyum would have jumped at the opportunity to take the Qarase Government before his hand-picked court. Perhaps, the fact that Qarase relied on legal advice might have complicated matters, but make no mistake the opportunity to expose even an innocent mistake would not have been missed.

Without being privy to the details, it seems to me the process was to make an indirect swap. Freehold land was acquired by the State and, under Section 4 of the Crown Lands Act, it is Crown land, and hence capable of being swapped under Section 3. The proof of this comes from none other than Sayed-Khaiyum when he closed what he saw as a loop-hole with (DECREE NO. 7 OF 2013), the STATE LANDS (AMENDMENT) DECREE 2013.

This very specifically disallows the process of an indirect swap. It says “any i Taukei land which is exchanged for portions of State land under subsection (3) must not be exchanged for portions of private freehold land under subsection (4).”

If the indirect swap process was not permitted, why did Sayed-Khaiyum need to issue a decree to ban it?

But let’s not lose sight of what’s important here. Sayed-Khaiyum thought he could take advantage of the confusion and pose as a protector of Native land. And why did he want to do this? Because he knows that once everybody understands that he’s removed all past Constitutional protections of Fijian land he will be the focus of a lot of anger.

As to whether the landowners at Momi got a fair deal, I don’t know and it’s clear there’s a lot of guessing and gossip going on here.

What I do know is that the Bainimarama constitution removes ALL the past protections for Fijian land. Any law on land can be passed with a simple majority. But that’s really no surprise because the key laws covering land have already been swept away by the Land Use Decree, which over-rides the Native Lands Trust Act and ALTA. (The first was designed to protect landowners, the second to protect tenants.)

The Land Use Decree 2010 gives the Prime Minister complete discretion to issue leases of up to 99 years with whatever rents or other conditions he chooses. Under the Land Use Decree 2010 he is required to consider the best interests of the landowners but he must also give equal weight to “the overall wellbeing of the economy.”
It is crystal clear. “All leases issued or renewed under this Decree shall take into consideration at all times the best interest of the land owners and the overall wellbeing of the economy.”

The Land Use Decree also requires that “all land available are leased with the purpose of providing a livelihood for all parties concerned”. What does that mean? Tenant’s rights? Take this in conjunction with “socio-economic” rights in the constitution and it looks like the ASK plan is to create rights for landless people to claim unused Native land, or to have existing leases extended. And remember, the PM’s decisions under the decree cannot be challenged in court. All power to Bainimarama.

This is typical ASK – sneaky and too clever by half. It’s why the constitution had to be rushed through. It’s also why we haven’t heard any details about decisions made by Bainimarama under the Land Use Decree. But ASK is making a mistake if he assumes we are all too stupid to notice the sweeping powers of the Land Use Decree and the removal of all protection of Native land under the draft constitution.

Does Bainimarama have any understanding of what ASK has in mind? Who knows? We can be sure Bainimarama hasn’t read any of the legislation or the draft constitution, but ASK may have told Bainimarama it’s worth trying get these powers over Native land in his hands, as that will be his means of building power.

But this is a very high risk strategy. Once the grab for total power over land is understood by landowners and their family members in the military Bainimarama will be in trouble.

 (For a legal analysis and more evidence on how the Bainimarama Dictatorship lied about this transaction log on:

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This Fijian article was put together by some very concerned Itaukei on the actions and programmes of the current military regime in Fiji as it relates to their place as indigenous peoples, their institutions in government, protection of their land and other natural resources, and culture since the military coup of December 2006.

Ni da raica lesu na veika e sa vakayacora na Matanitu Tu Vakawawa nei Bainimarama mai na Tiseba, 2006 ka yacova mai na gauna oqo, sa matata vakasigalevu vei keda ni sa vakamalumalumutaki na veika eda vakamareqeta na itaukei. Sa volai ena tiki ni pepa oqo na veika e sa vakayacori tiko mai me yacova mai na gauna oqo.


1.0      Na Kena ikau

1.0      Ni da wilika ka vakasamataka na Yavu ni Vakavulewa vakaturi eratou sa kacivaka ka tabaka na Matanitu Tu Vakawawa, sa matata vakasigalevu ni sa sega tale ni dua na ka sa qai vo ena kena taqomaki na veika eda dau vakamareqeta okati kina na noda yaubula kei na noda vei Matabose.

1.1      Sa kau laivi na Lawa Taqomaki (Entrenched legislations)

1.1.1  Sa kau laivi mai na Yavu ni Vakavulewa vakaturi ni Matanitu Tu Vakawawa, na “nodra taqomaki” (entrenched legislations). Oqo e dua na tiki ni lawa ka rui bibi sara vei vei keda ka vakadeitaki tu mai ena  Yavu ni Vakavulewa  ni 1970 ni Soli na Tu Galala vei Viti, ena 1990 ka vaka kina ena 1997. Sa kena ibalebale ni sana rawa vua na Palimedi vou me veisautaka na Lawa Taqomaki me sotava na inaki cava ga e gadreva na Matanitu veiliutaki ena noda vanua ni sa kau tani na “tataqomaki” ka kunei ena vei Yavu Vakavulewa e liu, ko ya, ni sega ni rawa ni vakadonui na “veisautaki” ni Lawa taqomaki, ka vakavo duadua ga kevaka era vakadonuya e lewe levu (3/4) na lewe ni Seneti ka digitaki main a Bose Levu Vakaturaga.

1.2      Sa kau laivi na Law aka kovuta na Maroroi ni Tovo kei na ivakarau vakavanua

1.2.2. Sa yali tale ga na lawa ka kovuta na maroroi ni noda itovo kei na ivakarau vakavanua (customary laws) ka kunei ena Yavu ni Vakavulewa ni 1997 ka vaka kina na vakatutu nei Professor Yash Ghai.

1.3      Sega na lawa me baleta na noda ivotavota dodonu (equitable share)

1.3.1  E sega tale ga ni volai e dua na tiki ni lawa me taqomaki kina na noda dodonu na itaukei ni qele me dau soli vei keda e dua na ivotavota dodonu (equitable share) ni “royalty” se na ilavo ni vakavinavinaka ena vakasaqarai ni yau talei (mineral exploitation).

1.4      Sega ni taqomaki na maroroi kei na vaqaqacotaki ni tavi ni marama

1.4.1  E sega tale ga ni dua na lawa e kovuta na veika e baleta na nodra maroroi ka vaqaqacotaki ni tavi na marama  me vaka e volai ena Yavu ni Vakavulewa ni 1997 ka vakatura tale ga o Professor Yash Ghai ena 2012 (vakavo ga ni vakatabui na veivakaduiduitaki ni tagane kei na yalewa).

1.5      Soli na Kaukauwa levu kin a tolu na Vale ni Volavola

1.5.1  Na Yavu ni Vakavulewa vakaturi e solianakaukauwa levu ki na tolu na Vale ni Volavola ko ya na Paraiminisita, na Vu ni Lawa (Attorney General) kei na Vosa Vakadua (Chief Justice).

1.6      Sa Commander in Chief na Paraiminisita

.6.1  Sa kau laivi mai vua na Peresitedi na itutu ni Commander in Chief ni noda Mataivalu ka sana soli vua na Paraiminisita. Ni sa liuliu levu ni Mataivalu na Paraiminisita sa kena ibalebale ni na vakarorogo vua na Commander ni Mataivalu, ia, e vakaturi tale ga me digitaka taudua ga na Commander ni Mataivalu na Paraiminisita. Oqo e dua na tikina vakarerevaki ni sana vakarorogo sara ga na Mataivalu kivua na Paraiminisita. Ena veiyasai vuravura tale eso, na Mataivalu e tiki ga ni gacagaca ni veitaqomaki ni Matanitu ka me maroroya ka taqomaki na vanua raraba (state). Ni sa vakarorogo vua na Paraiminisita na Mataivalu sa kena I rairai vei keda ni sana sema vakavoleka na Mataivalu ki na veiqaravi ni Matanitu ka sega ni vakabibitaka na nona I tavi kin a Vanua raraba (state).

1.7      Vakadeitaki ni Dikiri eratou bulia

1.7.1.Na Yavu ni Vakavulewa vakaturi e vakadeitaka na nodra vakabulai tiko ga na veidikiri (ka vakavo ga e lima ka volai ena s 160), eratou sa kacivaka oti ka sa taurivaki tiko vei keda na leweni vanua e Viti ena gauna oqo. Eso na dikiri oqo, eda vakuwai kina na lewenivanua ena noda rawa ni taura na gaunisala vakalawa meda vakataroga ka vaqaqa na dina ka vaka kina na noda vakadeitaka na noda dodonu.

1.8      Vakoti ena Yavu ni Vakavulewa na Veivakagalalataki (Immunity)

1.8.1  Na Yavu ni Vakavulewa oqo e vakadeitaka na veivakagalalataki (immunity) ena veicala ni vuaviri sa vakayacori oti. Na tikina oqo ena vakabulabulataka tiko ga na vakayacori ni Vuaviri e Viti ni vakabulai tiko ga na vakasama ni ‘veivakagalalataki’. Eda sa kila kece na dredre levu e kauta mai vei keda na vuaviri kece e vakayacori ena noda vanua.

1.9      Sa bokoci vakadua na Bose Levu Vakaturaga

1.9.1  Oqo na ulu ni noda matabose na kawa itaukei, ka ra dau vakasamataka na vakatutu ni Matanitu ka tara se yavalata na veika eda vakamareqeta na itaukei. NI sa bokoci vakadua, sa kena ibalebale ni sega tale ni qai rogoci na domoda se na noda rai me vaka ni da itaukei dina ni vanua oqo, ka taukena na qele keina iqoliqoli ena veika e via vakayacora na Matanitu. Sa ka bibi me vakabulai tiko na Matabose bibi oqo, ni oqo ga na vanua eda kilai kina na kawatamata itaukei ni da I taukei ni vanua oqo ka dodonu me rogoci tiko na domoda ena liutaki ni vanua oqo ka vakauasivi ena veilawa vakaturi se yavu ni cakacaka ka na tara yani na veika eda vakatoka ni noda ka okati kina na noda qele kei na I qoliqoli ka vaka tale ga kina na kunei ni yautalei ena noda qele se ena noda iqoliqoli kei na uciwai.

1.10   Sa bau wadrega me qai veisautaki na Yavu ni Vakavulewa

1.10.1  Sa dodonu tale ga meda kila, ni sa vakadonui na Yavu ni Vakavulewa vakaturi ni Matanitu Tu Vakawawa, sana bau wadrega sara me na veisautaki rawa e dua na tiki ni lawa (Amendment of the Constitution) baleta ni sana dredre sara me na vakadonui na veisautaki ni Yavu ni Vakavulewa ena veika e sa vakaturi ena s157, ka volai oqo e ra:

i)                   Me na vakadonui vakatolu na ‘veisau’ ni Yavu ni Vakavulewa ena loma ni Palimedi, ia ena rua na veivakadonui oqori me ra na vakadonua e 75% na lewe ni Palimedi;

ii)                 Ni sa rawati na veika e volai ena i) e cake, sana qai vakayacori tale e dua na ‘referendum’ (meda tukuna na lewenivanua na noda nanuma) ka me 75% ni dauveidigidigi (voters) mena vakadonui na veisau vakaturi.

2.0      Kena iSoqoni

2.1      Ni sa vaka tu oqo na veika e sa volai ena Yavu ni Vakavulewa vakaturi ni Matantu Tu Vakawawa, sa dodonu meda vakasamataka sara vakatitobu na revurevu ni Lawa Tu ni noda Vanua vei keda na taba tamata oqo ka vakauasivi vei ira na luveda kei ira na luvedra ena veigauna mai muri.

2.2      Oqo na veivakalolomataki levu sa vakayacora tiko oqo na Matanitu nei Bainimarama ena nona sasaga me sa vakarusai vakadua na veika bibi ka da dau maroroya, taukena ka vakamareqeta ka da dau kilai tani kina na kawa tamata i taukei:
 Na Bose Levu Vakaturaga
i)                 Mai vakarubeci na Bose Levu Vakaturaga (BLV) mai na Evereli 2007 ka mai bokoci vakadua na BLV ena 2012. Oqo na matabose bibi duadua vei keda na itaukei baleta ni ulu ni veimatabose kece ni taukei. Oqo na matabose ka soli Viti ki Peritania, na Matabose ka maroroi Viti tu mai, maroroi keda tu mai na kawa itaukei kei ira na dui kaikai ka da sa mai bula vata tu nikua ena loma ni dua na drau vasagavulu vakacaca na yabaki sa oti (140+ years).
ii)                  Kau tani vakadua vei keda na itaukei na itikotiko ni BLV mai Draiba kei na kena iyau, Suva. Oqo e dua na tatadra ni BLV ena 70+ na yabaki sa oti, me bau dua na ka eda bau kilai tani kina na itaukei ni vanua oqo.
iii)                Sa vakuwai na BLV  ena I tavi me digitaka na Peresitedi ni noda vanua kei na nona ivukevuke.
iv)                Sa vakuwai  na BLV ena nodra dau dikeva na veilawa vakaturi kece ka tara yani na veika e baleti keda na itaukei ka oka kina na noda iyaubula.  Sa sega ni qai vakayacori tale na veivosaki kei na rogoci ni rai kei na vakatulewa ni BLV ena veika bibi me vaka oqo.
v)                  Sa mai kautani na ulu ni Ranadi ena noda ilavo ni Viti ka sega ni qai rogoci kina na nodra rai kei na vakatulewa na lewe ni BLV. E se sega ni vakasukai mai vakavanua na veibuli vakavanua era a vakayacora na turaga bale kei Viti ki na kawa vaka-tui mai Peritania me sa taura na itutu vaka Tui Viti. Na I otioti ni veibuli oqo e a vakayacori ena 1937.
vi)                Sa kacivaka tale ga na Matanitu me sa veisautaka na kuila ni noda vanua, ka sega tale ga ni rogoci taumada na nodra nanuma na turaga kei na marama bale ni noda vanua me vaka na kena ivakarau.
vii)              Sa kau tani mai vakatawadodonu mai na BLV  na lewai ni nona iuma ilavo levu ka vakatokai na Fijians Trust Fund.
viii)            E rogo vakawasoma na vosa ni veibeci, na vosa ni veivakalolomataki kei na vosa ni veivakasesewani vei ira na noda turaga bale kei na noda marama bale ka vaka kina vei ira na noda iliuliu vakavanua.
ix)                Sa vakamatanitutaki na yaca na “Fijian” me sa yacada raraba e Viti (se o kai Idia, Javani, Rusia se kai vei ga). Sa sega mada ga ni bau rogoci kina na domodra na BLV se domoda raraba na itaukei ni vanua ko Viti.

2.     Na Vakalolomataki kei na Biliraki ni Lotu Wesele e Viti kei Rotuma
i)      Tekivu na veiliutaki ni Matanitu nei Bainimarama sa tekivuvata mai na nona vakalolomataka, vakasesewana kei na nona vosavakacacataka na Lotu Wesele. Sa guilecava sara ga na Matanitu na cakacakalevu ni veivakararamataki, veimaroroi, veisusugi, veituberi, veivakasulutaki kei na veikauwaitaki sa cakava na Lotu Wesele vei Viti kei ira na kena kawa tamata. E vuqa vei ira na qase ni lotu mai vanua tani kei ira na itaukei era solia na nodra bula ka ra bale mate koto me bula ko Viti kei na kiena kawa tamata.
ii)                  Vakatabuya na Lotu Wesele mai na nona dau qarava na Bose Ko Viti mai na 2009 ki na 2011 ka vaka kina na kena mai vakadrakidrakitaki na Bose ko Viti ena 2012.
iii)                Vakatabui na soqo kei na kumuni lavo ni lotu.
iv)                Era veilewaitaki na italatala ni Lotu Wesele
v)                  Era bau curuma tale ga na Vale ni Veilewai ena nodra via maroroya na Lotu Wesele.
vi)                Era sa curuma na veibose ni Lotu na Tabana ni Ovisa kei na Mataivalu me rawa ni yalani kina na veika era bosea.

3.     Matabose ni Qele Maroroi
i)                    Sa veisautaki na yaca na Native Land Trust Board ki na – iTaukei Land Trust Board.
ii)                  Sa bokoci na nodra ivotavota ni lavo ni lisi na Turaga I Taukei, Turaga ni Qali, Turaga ni Yavusa kei na Turaga ni Mataqali. Ena gauna oqo, sa tautauvata ga na nodra ivotavota na Turaga I Taukei kei na dua na gone e se qai sucu, veitalia ga se tiko mai Viti se mai vanuatani.
iii)                Sa sega tale ni qai rogoci na nodra rai kei na nodra vakasama momona ka titobu na noda lewe ni BLV me baleta na cicivaki kei na vakatulewa ni Matabose ni Qele Maroroi. Sa digitaka ga o Bainimarama na lewe ni Matabose ni Qele Maroroi ka ra dau digitaki  e liu mai na BLV.
iv)                Sa tauyavutaka na Matanitu e dua tale na tabana ni Qele ka vakatokai na Land Bank k asana rawa ni vakamalumalumutaka sara na itavi ni Matabose ni Qele Maroroi.
v)                  Veisautaki e levu na gacagaca ni veiqaravi  ni  Matabose ka sa vakatulewa ga kina na Matabose ka digitaka ko Bainimarama.
vi)                Bokoci laivi na musuki ni soli ni yasana mai na ilavo ni lisi me vaka e dau vakayacori tu mai liu, e.g. Ba Provincee, ka sa vakavuna na medre kei na dredre levu sara ena cicivaki ni Yasana levu oqo.
vii)              Tubu cake vakalevu na cakacaka vaka-butobuto ena loma ni Matabose me vaka eda sarava tiko ena TV ka da wilika tale tiko ga ena niusiveva.

4.     Matabose ni Yasana
i)                    Sa imatai ni Yasana me vakatabuya na Matanitu na dabe kei na nona qarava na nona itavi na Bose ni Tikina kei na Bose ni Yasana ‘o Rewa. E sega ni dua na ka me tarova na nona vakayacora na vakatatabu oqo vei ira tale na vo ni Yasana.
ii)                  Sa mai kacivaka raraba ena walesi ko Kanala Apakuki Kurusiga ena Siga Tabu na I ka 24 ni Maji 2013 ni sa matabose vaka-matanitu na vei matabose kece vakoro, Bose ni Tikina kei na Bose ni Yasana. Sa kena ibalebale oya vei keda ni sana lewa ga na Matanitu na veiulutaga me bosei kei na ka me qarava na vei Matabose oqo.
iii)                Ena gauna tale ga oqo,sa digitaka ga mai na Matanitu o cei e vinakata me iLiuliu ni Bose ni Yasana, se lewe ni bose digitaki se sega.Sa vakaraitaka tale ga o Kurusiga ena walesi ni sana digitaka ga na Matanitu e dua e rawarawa ni rau cakacaka vata.
iv)                Sa sega ni veirauti na ilavo e solia mai na Matanitu me cicivaki kina na Bose ni Yasana ka sa sega sara tale ga ni da vakila na kedra yaga na vakailesilei me vaka eda da kila e liu.
v)                  Sa levu na ituvatuva ni Matanitu sa sega ni qai rogoci kina na Roko Tui kei na Vale ni Volavola ni Yasana.
vi)                Sa rairai guilecava tiko beka na Matanitu ni dua na ilavo e cicivaki tiko kina na Vale ni Volavola ni Yasana eda solia na lewe ni Yasana.

5.     Na Matabose ni Veika Vakaitaukei
i)                   Sa veisautaki na yaca ni Matabose mai na Fijian Affairs Board kina  iTaukei Affairs Board.
ii)          Nikua, sa matabose ga nei Bainimarama na matabose oqo baleta ni sa digitaki ira kecega na lewena ko koya. E liu era dau lewe 9 na lewe ni Matabose era dau digitaki mai na BLV.
iii)                Sa lailai sara na ilavo ni veiqaravi
iv)                Sega ni vakilai na yaga ni Matabose ni sa lailai na ilavo ni veiqaravi..e.g. Na Vuli ni Veiliutaki eratou sa laki lili toka vei iratou na Tabana mai USP ka veituberi ena Bibi ni Maroroi kei na Vakayagataki Vakayalomatua ni noda Yaubula kei na Veikabula.
v)               Sega ni matata na itukutuku ni Lavo Maroroi me vaka na iLavo ni Vakacacani ni Wai ni Qoliqoli
vi)       Sega ni dua na itukutuku matata ni Lavo ni Bisinisi se na Small Business Loan vakauasivi na “ilavo soqoni mai na saumi ni dinau” ka sa dodonu me sauma lesu kina Matanitu levu.
vii)           Na itavi levu ni Matabose ni Veika Vakaitaukei me cakacakataka na lewa ni BLV, ia ni sa mai bokoci na BLV, sa sega ni da kila na cava eratou bosea me maroroi kina na veika e baleti keda na kawa itaukei. Eda sa kila ga ni sa talaraki yarayara ga na veika e baleti keda na itaukei ni vanua oqo.

6.     Na Matabose ni Tobu ni Lavo Maroroi ni Taukei (Fijians Trust Fud)
i)                Sa digitaka ga o Bainimarama o ira na lewe ni Matabose bibi oqo. E dau vakaitavi na BLV ena nodra digitaki na lewelevu era lewe ni Matabose bibi oqo, ia, sa qarava ga o Bainimarama na itavi bibi oqo.
ii)                  Era sa sega ni vakatulewataka na noda Turaga kei na Marama na lewe ni BLV na Budget ni Matabose oqo, na Tuvatuva-ka (Strategic Plan) kei na Tukutuku Vakayabaki.
iii)                Eratou sega ni raica vakatautauvata na vei kerekere kece ni veika vakailavo me maroroi kina na veika eda vakamareqeta na itaukei, e.g. e kena I rairai ni  dau biliraki na nodratou kerekere na iSoqosoqo ni Qasenvuli iTaukei vakaceguka kovuta na vakadikevi kei na vakasokumuni ni “kila-ka kei na vuku vakaitaukei”,
iv)                Vakamalumalumutaki ni taukeni ni yau – sa vuki na sea e 10na milioni ena FHL ka solia vakailoloma na Matanitu ena vuku ni veivakadonui ni BLV, me sea ka dinautaki mai na Matanitu. Sa kena ibalebale ni sana sauma taumada na Matabose ni Tobu ni Lavo Maroroi ni Taukei na isau ni sea oqo kina Matanitu. Ia, e a tauyavutaki na Matabose ni lavo oqo me vakatubuilavo me rawa ni cakacakataka kina na veika e baleti keda na kawa itaukei ka okati kina na qaravi ni BLV.

7.     Yasana Holdings Ltd.
i)                Vakamalumalumutaki na Kabani cokovata ni Taukei me sa laki vakarurugi tale kina Fijian Holdings – ia, e a tauyavutaki taumada na YHL me vukea na FHL ena vakarabailevutaki ni taukeni bisinisi kei na noda rawa-i-lavo mai na buturara ni bisinisi.
ii)       Sega ni matata vakavinaka vei keda na “tubu” e rawa mai na veivoli oqo kei na “veisau” ni tubu (dividend) eda na namaka ena veivoli oqo. 

8.     Fijian Holdings Ltd
i)                    Vakamalumalumutaki na bisinisi ni taukei ka cicivaka na FHL me vaka na bisinisi ni buli simede, ni sa tauyavutaka tale na Matanitu e dua tale na bisinisi ni buli simede ka rau wasea vata kei na Standard Industries na bisinisi ni simede e Viti kei na wasa Pasifika.
ii)                  Sega ni dokai na vakatulewa ni BLV me tokona na YHL na taukeni ni yau vakabisinisi ni Taukei me vaka sa tekivutaka main a FHL. Sa volia tale naFHL na Kabani ga ka tauyavutaki me vukea na FHL ena noda taukeni bisinisi kei na taukeni yau ni kawa tamata itaukei.

9.     Na Maroroi ni Dodonu ni Taukei me baleta na Nona Yaubula
i)                    Sa sega ni vakayacori na veirogoci ena veisau kece ni Lawa e kovuta na noda yabula. Sa ka bibi me rogoci na domoda na I taukei ni yaubula mai vei ira na noda Turaga kei na Marama Bale ena veika eda dau vakamareqeta na itaukei.
ii)                  Na “kaukauwa levu” e sa tu vua na Vunilawa ni Matanitu ena ruku ni Surfing Decree.

10. Na Dodonu ni noda Vakatulewataka na noda Liutaki keda vakataki keda na itaukei ni Vanua
i)                    Vakamalumalumutaki na noda dodonu meda vakatulewataka ga na veika e baleta na noda liutaki me vaka e volai vakamatata ena Lawa ni Matabose kei Vuravura, na United Nations kei na veidusidusi tale eso mai na veimatabose levu kei Vuravura. i.e. na Bokoci ni BLV, na nona digitaka ga na Matanitu na iLiuliu ni Bose ni Yasana, etc.

11. Na Yavu ni Vakavulewa Vakaturi
i)                    Sega ni qai Rogoci na domoda na iTaukei (through the BLV) ena vakatulewataki ni Yavu ni Vakavulewa ni noda Vanua.
ii)                  Sa sega ni qai dua na ka e koto ena Yavu ni Vakavulewa vakaturi ni Matanitu me qai maroroi keda na itaukei baleta na noda itovo, ivakarau, noda qele, noda iqoliqoli, noda iyaubula kei na veika eda dau vakamareqeta.
iii)                Ni sa vakadonui na Lawa Vakaturi oqo, e sana bau wadrega me veisautaki e dua na tikina ni sa vakadredretaki ena ruku ni lawa vakaturi oqo.

12. Na Revurevu ni Veiliutaki ni Matanitu nei Bainimarama
i)                    Eda sa tautauvata ga nikua na itaukei kei ira na kai idia, na kai Jaina kei na vei kawa tamata tale eso ena noda vanua dina me vaka ni sa sega tale ni dua na tiki ni Yav ni Vakavulewa vakaturi, me maroroi kina na veika e baleti keda na itaukei ni vanua oqo.
ii)                  Sa bokoci vakadua na domoda na kawa itaukei – oya na BLV.
iii)                Sa qai levu ga na ivakarau kei na vosa vakaviavialevu eda sa raica, rogoca ka sotava ka sarava tu nikua.
iv)                Sa qai levu ga na kucu kei na cakacaka vakabutobuto ena noda Vanua.
v)                  Sa da ririko ka domobula ena levu ni dinau sa cakava tu oqo na Matanitu ko Viti.
Sa sega ni qai veiraurau na veika eda rawata kei na veika eda sa vakayagataka. Na taro levu meda taroga na lewe iViti, “Se o cei ena qai sauma na dinau levu oqo?” Sega li ni ko ira na luveda kei ira na makubuda?
vi)                Sa bokoci na ‘quota system’ ena veika vakavuli me vaka na iwiliwili e dau vakadeitaki vei keda na kawa itaukei ena vuli Vuniwai etc.
vii)              Nikua sa voli sara vakalevu na dina ni taukei ena nodra vukei vakailavo
viii)            Sa dolavi ga vakaveitalia na noda veiwekani (diplomatic relations) kei na veimatanitu rerevaki eso me vaka na Non Aligned countries.
ix)                Kevaka eda sereka na veika lelevu, ka rerevaki sa tarai Viti tu nikua, e sana ka ni veitalanoa ena siga kei na bogi, e-ticketing, one child one computer, etc.

3.0      Sa itavi ni Matanitu me Vakatorocaketaki keda kece na lewenivanua

3.1       Me da nanuma tudei tiko ni sa itavi ni Matanitu cava ga e veiliutaki me vakatorocaketaki keda taucoko na lewenivanua ka dodonu me cakacaka ena yavu e dina, dodon ka savasava. Meda kakua ni volitaka na noda itutu vaka taukei ni vanua oqo  kei na noda dina ki na cakacaka ni veivakatorocaketaki sa cakacakataka vei keda na Matanitu Tu Vakawawa oqo.  

Sa nona I TAVI ga, meda rai ga ki liu ka taqomaka na veika e noda, ka da kilai tani kina na kawa tamata itaukei.

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