Thursday, December 01, 2011

Dying Tradition of “Drua” Crafting Given Life Line

Fiji Village News - 01 December 2011
Fijian Drua
A dying tradition of “Drua” crafting (doubled hulled canoe) is having new life breathed into it.

In a systematic attempt to record knowledge of the Drua from the descendants of the “mataisau”, the first ever Drua research has concluded in Southern Lau in a starting effort to revive this cultural knowledge.

Drua researcher and traditional navigator, Kai’afa Ledua said Drua’s are an icon of the Pacific.

Ledua added during their fact finding research in Southern Lau they came across a woman with knowledge to weave the Drua sail a skill that is close to being lost and a 84 year old man in Fulaga who built 22 Druas which they are trying to account for.

The Drua research project made up also of “mataisaus” will visit other maritime islands.

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