Tuesday, December 06, 2011

Tui Labasa Calls for Reduction in Kava Drinking

Fiji Times News - 06 December 2011

A MACUATA chief has called on men of her district to make a difference next year by reducing kava consumption and increasing the utilisation of land.

Tui Labasa, Adi Salanieta Tuilomaloma, in an interview with The Fiji Times yesterday said it was time her people increased cultivation of land.

"We need to make use of available resources and cultivate the land as much as we can as these measures will benefit us only," she said.

"I have already made this known and I will reiterate this important message because I think we still need to do a lot to wake people up."

"Increased land cultivation will help families financially and assist parents pay off school fees and meet important financial obligations of the family."

Cases of children dropping out of school would be a priority area Adi Salanieta and her people would polish to help their children achieve dreams.

Adi Salanieta said the excessive consumption of kava had affected plans of some parents who wished to give their children the best in education.

"Money is spent on grog and cigarettes and other unnecessary things and at the end, payment of school fees can't be done.

"So I am pleading with men to take the lead role, look after their families and make sure their children achieve their future dreams," she said.

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