Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Mining Company Seeks Bua Landowners Blessings

Fiji Times News

Dictator Bainimarama with Chinese mining executives
BAUXITE mining company Aurum Exploration last week led a traditional visit to chiefs in Bua on Vanua Levu seeking their blessings for the bauxite loading already in progress in the area.

Bauxite mine manager Basilio Vanuaca said the traditional visit was made to the chiefs, qoliqoli (fishing ground) owners and landowners in the districts of Navakasiga and Lekutu.
He said the visit was to inform them of the first bauxite shipment expected to move out to China soon.

The traditional visit was to seek the appeasement of the vanua of Lekutu and Navakasiga whose land and qoliqoli the company presently operates in, Mr Vanuaca said. The seven chiefs in this district accepted the delegation from the company for notification of the first shipment of bauxite out of their land, he said.

The company also iterated its sincere request for acceptance and a cordial relationship between the company and the vanua. Mr Vanuaca said the chiefs of Lekutu and Navakasiga gathered in Votua where the Buli Lekutu - Ratu Tevita Raiova lives.

The chiefs gave their blessing to the company and thanked the local workers in the company for remembering the traditional obligations and cultural protocols that binds the Fijian society-based on mutual respect and recognition of the chiefly systems.

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