Thursday, March 01, 2012

Survey Confirm Fijian Fear of Loss of Rights in Own Land

 Australia Network News

Fijians fear erosion of rights in own land by Dictator Bainimarama illegal regime
Concern Fijian concept could affect I-Taukei land rights

Fiji's Citizens Constitutional Forum says a survey shows most of the country's I-Taukei community is struggling with the concept of everyone being called a Fijian.

The concept is one of many edicts issued by Fiji's interim government since the 2006 coup.

The survey shows I-Taukei communities fear the change could affect their land rights.

Forum chief executive Reverend Akuila Yabaki has told Radio Australia's Pacific Beat the people need to have such things explained properly by government.

Fijian firewalkers

"All these things indicate that there is a serious challenge in this country for the need of civic education," he said.

"We've lived in a country we've experienced and continue to experience a high level of political instability, and we believe that the primary root cause of this instability is a lack of understanding among the people of Fiji of what is good governance."

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