Thursday, April 21, 2011

Kuta Weaving in Macuata

Fiji Sun News - 21 April 2011

A team from the Department of Culture and Heritage visited two villages in Macuata yesterday to evaluate kuta (mat) weaving by their women.

According to Macuata Provincial Council assistant roko (Women/Youth) Peni Rakanace, the visit was a follow-up from a kuta weaving workshop held at Seaqaqa in May last year.

The team visited Korovuli and Navakasobu villages in Sasa.

Last year's workshop was to develop and illustrate the relevance of traditional skills to allow the people of Macuata, Seaqaqa, Dreketi and Sasa to retain their identity.

Mr Rakanace said women and youths should remind themselves of their tradition and create opportunities to generate additional income.

"What can our women in Macuata do to contribute to economic development? They themselves are a resource and they are gifted with skills which could play important roles.

"Blessed with recourses from the land and sea, our women in Macuata have many ways of entering into income generating projects.

"People need to utilise workshops and change their mindset for the better," Mr Rakanace added.

For some who participated at the kuta weaving workshop, two have travelled abroad showcasing their talents and projects.

Maria Nausea of Lomaloma Village travelled to New Zealand recently to deliver a kuta woven bridal wear for a wedding.

Ms Nausea said it was through the revival of the traditional art of weaving, she was able to market her product overseas.

"They should try to do their own initiative. Through that help with come their way.

When they are in the system, they should be reminded to continue what they had started off," she said.


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