Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Relatives farewell Tui Nadi

Relatives farewell Tui Nadi - 10/15/2008
More than 500 people attended Tui Nadi, Ratu Napolioni Naulianano Ragigia Dawai’s funeral at Narewa village yesterday.
Ratu Napolioni Dawai was only 39 and died in Suva after a short illness.
His brother, Apolosi Ratu, 28, said close relatives, friends and the villagers were shocked when they received the news that Ratu Napolioni had died.
Ratu Apolosi said his brother was regarded as a great chief and leader.
Ratu Napolioni Dawai is survived by his wife, Laise Kacilala Dawai and four children, Ratu Luke, Ratu Navula, Ratu Napolioni and Adi Marica.
“Ratu Napolioni Dawai was loved by the villagers because he looked after them and listened to them,” said Ratu Apolosi.
“His passing away has shocked the village and left an emptiness which cannot be filled.
“He was a leader of the people and also served as a board member in Ba Provincial Council, and chairman of the Nadi tikina council.
“He will be missed very much as he was a great person and easy to talk to.”

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Tila said...

To my cousin Kaci...only The Almighty God Jehovah...(The God of lord Jesus Christ, Abraham,King David and all His followers)knows that Only Him can Help ease your pain and gather you and the children to continue your husbands legacy!!!