Sunday, October 12, 2008

Chiefly taboo lifted

Chiefly taboo lifted
By ANARE RAVULA - Sunday, October 12, 2008

THE traditional taboo following the death of the Tui Levuka Ratu Kolinio Rokotuinaceva has been lifted.

This is after the traditional ceremony of vakatarasulu at his village of Levuka Vakaviti.

Close to 1000 people from Ucinivanua in Verata, Saiweke in Gau, Bureonoco in Rewa, Lomanisau in Tokatoka, Tailevu, Mua in Batiki, Nabukebuke in Namosi and villagers within the Tikina Levuka, gathered at the village on Ovalau Island yesterday. The people hold close traditional ties to Levuka Vakaviti.

Also present at the ceremony was Namosi paramount chief Ratu Suliano Matanitobua, who led the delegation from Nabukebuke.

The people of the tikina Levuka could not fish in their traditional fishing grounds or qoliqoli during the 100-night mourning period.

Chiefly household elder Useia Delai said the event was a historical one for the people of Levuka.

People witnessed the gifts of mats, oil, masi and food presented to the tikina Levuka by those with close traditional ties. Ratu Kolinio died at the Levuka Hospital on Ovalau after a short illness in mid-June.

Lomaiviti Provincial Council chairman Ratu Jolame Lewanavua said Ratu Kolinio was a chief who helped all kinds of people irrespective of race, gender and religion.

Lomaiviti people remember high chief


Close to 400 people from all over Levuka and Lomaiviti gathered at Levuka
Village to commemorate the 100th night vigil of the late Tui Levuka Ratu Kolinio Rokotuinaceva.

Ratu Kolinio died at 72 years of age at Levuka hospital on June 14 following a short illness.

Yesterday, villagers and close relatives gathered at the village celebrating the occasion with traditional gifts presented to representatives of villages in the province.

Lisi Tinivakaca who spoke on behalf of the chiefly family said it was a significant day for the people. She said the death of Ratu Kolinio has brought the people of Levuka closer to the chiefly family.

“I think today is a great day for family ties to be rekindle,” she said.

“This is a day which the people meet and get to know each other and strengthen blood dies.”

Chiefs who were present include Tui Namosi Ratu Suliano and Ratu Tuikitau Cokanauto. Representatives of chiefly villages from Nukuloa, Gau, Solevu, Waido, Nabukebuke, Vunivesi and Qaranikula were also part of the event.

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