Friday, September 27, 2013

Namotomoto Installs New Chief

Taukei Tukani Viliame Vikoso

Report by: Chrsitopher Chand

FBC News

A new chief has been installed for Namotomoto village in Nadi following a traditional ceremony this morning.

Viliame Vikoso has been appointed as the new Taukei Tukani a chiefly title passed on to him after his elder brother’s death earlier this year.

Village spokesman Iliesa Samusamuvodre says it’s a special day for the village completing their traditional structure and a process their ancestors have followed for many generations.

“He has a very special role to play, a lot of responsibilities his role is to guide and direct the villagers in their social development, education and things concerning the vanua.”

The 52 year old was next in line and will now take on the role as their new chief.
Samusamuvodre says as landowners they need a strong leader with the number of developments taking shape in Nadi.

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