Thursday, November 01, 2012

Join Fundraise Contest for Green State of Arts School for Cuvu Children in Fiji

 An education foundation is well underway to building an all green state of the art school campus for up to 10,000 students in Cuvu, Nadroga, Fiji. The project grew out of a wonderful and moving relationship forged when a young American woman returned from an exchange programme in Fiji in 2004 after experiencing life with her fellow school students there. The young woman's mother was motivated by her daughter's experience to embark on this project through a foundation.

Cuvu children to benefit from Green School Project

The foundation called Educational Foundationfor the Children of Fiji 501c3 School Construction Fund, has been donated land for the school by the paramount chief of Nadroga, Ratu Sakiusa Makutu. Foundation co-founder, Carol Wachniak, is from the United States and is very excited and positive about the opportunity to work with the local Fijians on this great initiative. Carol said that following the provision of land, efforts are now underway to fundraise internationally and locally and that they are looking for creative ways to advertise and generate support for the project. READ BELOW about Swim & Sports Wear Contest

Carol speaks glowingly of the project saying that the school will be self-sustaining with conservation and preservation programs with sea camping facility and an Olympic sport training center. There will be a full theater for the arts, including culinary arts programmes, gardens, fire department, clinic, science, maths, computer labs and much more. As part of the green focus, the school will also have solar and wind energy supply with the students and locals to build the school under an apprenticeship programme. The project has a budget of around $60 million and is to take 5 years.
Nadroga paramount chief Ratu Sakiusa Makutu (sitting middle) with guests at the dedication of the school site

A key part of the plan is to give students and parents practical real time opportunity in co-creating, developing and contributing their skills, gifts and talents so their efforts will last a life time. In so doing, students will be able to say that their parents had directly contributed to building the school.

Carol and the Foundation are now busy promoting the project around the world and building support for it through various initiatives. Those wishing to support this exciting project please go to where you can also join as a member joining others from over 180 countries. You can also receive an invitation to become a FREE affiliate.
Great view from the School site

One Fundraising project now underway is  a Swim & Sports Wear Contest. Details are as follows:

Seeking Young Fijian Fashion Designers for a Swim & Sports Wear Contest.
 (Percentage of the proceeds will be donated to the Educational Foundation for the Children of Fiji 501c3 School Construction Fund to to build an all green state of the art school campus for up to 10,000 students in Cuvu, Nadroga, Fiji Islands)

Conditions for Contest:
  •  Items Submitted by December 31 2012 and are to be Original Designs 
  •  All submissions are to be uploaded onto 
  •  Videos will include the original drawings
  •  Items to be created and then modelled on the video

Send the Youtube link to:

The winner will become a featured designer for our company in the USA (under the registered trade mark Bula Board ®)

Please share this Wonderful Story with Friends and Family and Invite them to Join as an Affiliate. The local contact for the project is the Head Master at the Nadroga Navosa Provincial High School or contact Carol:


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