Saturday, September 22, 2012

Bua Chief Clarifies Viilage Concerns from Chinese Mining Pollution

Fiji Times news

Ratu Orisi
THE chairman of the bose vanua of Bua Ratu Orisi Baleitavea has clarified that concerns over depleted marine resources in the i qoliqoli (traditional fishing grounds) of Navakasiga was highlighted at the chiefly meeting in Nabouwalu two months ago.

Ratu Orisi also clarified that representatives of Navakasiga had informed the bose vanua that they noticed lesser number of fish and marine life in their area.

"The representatives told the meeting that the marine resources in the area were affected claiming the bauxite (mining) as a contributing factor," he said. "The matter was discussed among the chiefs in the province and we later resorted to the media so relevant authorities could look into the matter."

Ratu Orisi said it was important that the worries and concerns of the people of Bua be highlighted and attended to. "Whether it is evidence or other matters, what's important is that our people's voices are heard and recognised through attending to their concerns. They have lived in the areas all their lives and only they will know the difference."

It was earlier reported a group of villagers in Bua raised their concerns over depleted marine resources in their i qoliqoli blaming bauxite as a contributing factor.

The villagers of Naiviqiri district took their concerns to the chiefs of Bua asking for their assistance in resolving the issue. District representative Salacieli Tuala earlier claimed that bauxite accidently spilled into the sea during the loading process was harming marine life.


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