Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Fijian Chiefly Positions Empty

FBC News

Many chiefly positions in i-Taukei villagers are vacant as holders are living in urban areas.

This was an experience Kisoko Cagituivei of the Prime Minister’s Office witnessed in his recent trip to the Lau group.

Speaking to FBC News Cagituivei said many of the positions are filled by caretakers who he thinks can be easily bribed especially as we go through political development.

He said in a number of villages the Bose Vanua (meeting of elders) are held in places like Suva as most elders are now residing in the capital.

Cagituivei does not see how these leaders can return to their homes in the islands where they should really be if i-Taukei heritage is to be maintained.

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