Friday, September 30, 2011

Tailevu Clan Invests in Ginger

Fiji Times News - 30 September 2011
by Timoci Vula

Nasaumua Village Children at play
MEMBERS of a landowning unit at Naisaumua Village in Tailevu have ventured into ginger farming as it seeks alternative income sources to support them meet church and daily obligations.
The landowning unit (mataqali) Dravolau is working towards a three-year plan to focus on their ginger farm project with proceeds anticipated to be of great benefit to the members.
Mataqali member Ratu Veni Verebasaga said the idea was born out of concerns of meeting church obligations, in particular the annual contribution of members.
"We have seen that our clan members have faced great difficulty to pay their soli so we came up with the idea to set up a ginger farm, which is now a part of our three-year plan," Ratu Veni said.
"We have planted the ginger already and now we will look after it as we wait for our first harvest in February next year. This is the first time we are doing this," he said.
Ratu Veni has also taken up lessons with farmers from the greater Tailevu south region who have been involved in ginger planting over the past years.
"We have also come to understand that the ginger business is very lucrative so we have decided to venture into it.
"It will benefit our families greatly, particularly in meeting our religious obligations but also that of the vanua and our livelihoods," he said.
Ratu Veni said planting materials were brought from Maumi in Tailevu.


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