Monday, June 27, 2011

100 Skull & Bones Dug Up on Waya in Yasawa

Fiji Times News

100-skull nightmare

by Maciu Malo
Monday, June 27, 2011
MORE than 100 skulls and bones were found buried at Natawa Village in Waya, Yasawa, last week.
The mystery find has shocked villagers who are still dumbfounded about the origin of the bones and skulls.
Villager Keni Nalesu, 55, said he was digging the foundation of his newly-built home when he came upon the skulls and bones.
He also showed The Fiji Times and a policeman, who was at the village, a piece of wood which he said was from a boat that was buried at the village foreshore.
"This is mystery to us," said Mr Nalesu.
"No one in the village knows about the history of these bones and skulls and all we can understand is the bones could be linked to the boat that is buried at the foreshore.
"I was shocked and frightened when I first saw many skulls and the bones buried here.
"By the look of the skulls and bones I can say it was from huge men."
Mr Nailesu said he had sleepness night when he removed the skulls from its actual burial place.
"After removing the skulls to bury them at another location, I dreamt a huge man telling me to bury the skull properly. The next morning I rushed to the place where I buried the skulls and buried them properly.
"The find also made me to move my house from its original place."
Unfortunately, Mr Nailesu was frightened to dig up the skulls and the bones to have pictures taken.
He says the proper authorities should visit the island and investigate this mysterious find. Mr Nailesu said there had been many strange events happening in the village during the past years.
He said in 2005 more than 100 cows mysteriously disappeared from the village in a single day and until today no evidence of the cows has been found.

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