Thursday, July 01, 2010

Tui Suva laid to rest

Fiji Sun News - 01 July 2010

Roko Tui Suva, Ratu Epeli Kanakana Kinitavaya, 85, was laid to rest at the chiefly burial site, Nadonumai, a hill atop the Suva Cemetery yesterday.
His funeral was attended by relatives and representatives from various government ministries.

Ratu Epeli was battling heart disease before he died in his home at Suvavou late last week.

A church service was held in Suvavou village, Lami,s and was conducted by Reverend Kalivati Ravoka.

Also present was the Marama Na Roko Tui Dreketi, Ro Teimumu Kepa, President, Ratu Epeli Nailatikau and President for the Methodist Church, Reverend Ame Tugue.

The Tui Suva’s son, Joji Kuruduadua, 42, said that his father was a man of his words.
"He really helped his people and the vanua. 
"I really miss him and I will always remember him as a family man. 
"I was at his bedside when he passed away," he said.

Mr Kuruduadua said that his father was always concerned when criminal activities took place in Suvavou Village and was a kind hearted person.

"When something bad happens in our village, he will call for a village meeting and punish whoever was responsible for it. 
"Or he would step in and render his advice to the young people in our village," he said.

Ratu Epeli Kanakana was the traditional ruler of the area that includes Suva city, the nation's capital. 
The Tui Suva title is reserved within the Naivutuvutu family of the Tokatoka Solia of Mataqali Vuanimocelolo of the yavusa Vatuwaqa. 
He also owns the biggest area of land in the Rewa province. Ratu Epeli is survived by his wife, Vilisi Kubou of Vunaniu, Serua, a son and three grandchildren.


Anonymous said...

Looks to me that some of you who write this blogs should get their facts straight. He was NOT Tui Suva and will NEVER be one. The same goes to his family, Mataqali and Yavusa...

That title does not belong to that Mataqali and Yavusa. It belongs to the yavusa Nauluvatu and the true blood is still very much alive and well..with that said, i just wanna say to all of those who thinks other wise i only have one thing to say..Isa kerekere mo muria na nomu i yatu.

Anonymous said...

Hello there. I was researching Suvavou and the title Tui Suva. I'm having a difficult time trying to find information. The reason I am asking is because I was born in Suva but left when I was very young. Not really giving me much time to learn my own culture or even speak my own language. There are certain thing I have learnt about my family this past year which has made me even more curious than ever. So... Back to your comment. You seem to be pretty sure of what you knowwhich is why I'm writing you. I want to learn. This is about Suvavou...right? What is Tui Suva? what family is the true family that this title belongs to? I hope you write back. God Bless

Anonymous said...

Ratu Eveli Kanakana Kinitavaki was the Roko Tui Suva. The Tui Suva belongs to the Family, Mataqali and Yavusa.

We are not alone the Tui Suva but the Taukei ni Vavua....we own the land and we give the land.

"O Suva na Vanua dredre"...e Vakamatana ka Vakabatina. The peolpe of Nauluvatu are Nothing and pliz get your facts right.

To the first comment....Do you wanna die like your Fathers? muria ga na nomu i yatu de bikaci iko na Vatu.

Anonymous said...

dear anoynomous,
try and have the guts to come out into the open, with ur evidence and ur true facts and tell it to our face. if you say it like that but do not really present any evidence then that just goes to show that u are full of shit.

Anonymous said...

by the way, the previous comment is for the first anoynomous comment.
thank you!

Anonymous said...

just reading this blog site and its comments, just makes me wonder, why all the past so called, self-appointed tui suva keep dying? and why they can't get their land and compensation? the real tui suva descendants are very much alive, & neither does the title belong to any of the claimants mataqali or yavusa nauluvatu, or vatuwaqa, or whatever. time will tell, and the truth will prevail. and guess what? its just around the corner. they will rise again, and they will return to the land of their forefathers, where thay were driven off and totally falsely deemed extinct.

Sai Lealea said...

All Anonymous,

I am one who believe that the people of Suva have been cheated by successive Fiji governments over the years and not properly compensated for the use of their lands, fisheries and resources as the seat of government.

The mark of honest and open government is to account for the use of all resources in its operation. Sadly in the case of Suva people, this has not been the case. Until this ongoing historical theft is addressed, no Fiji government can claim to be acting with integrity.

Perhaps the people of Suva could learn from the Maori tribes in Wellington, NZ, who are now actively partnering with Government in recognition of their status as original inhabitants of of where NZ's capital city now stand. In recognition of that status, elders from those tribes also take part and are often recognised, in any official central or local government event that take place in the capital city.

I for one certainly look forward to something similar happening in Fiji in recognition of the rights and status of Suva's original landowners.

Resolving any dispute over the Tui Suva title would also greatly strengthen this development for the people of Suva. Those of you posting on this blog referring to this dispute are urged to share your own stories about any claims you know of to educate those of us unaware of it. Vinaka.