Wednesday, June 09, 2010

6000 Cakaudrove People Missing from Fijian Registry

Fiji Times - Wednesday, June 09, 2010

A DRIVE for indigenous registration in the Vola Kawa Bula is being done in Cakaudrove after it was seen that not all villagers were listed in the indigenous registry.
A survey discovered around 6000 of the 49, 000 indigenous persons in the province were yet to be listed.
Roko Tui Cakaudrove Ro Aca Mataitini said the lack of registration often caused problems when resolving lease issues.
"The person not listed cannot enjoy mataqali rights because he is not identified as an indigenous Fijian," he said. "Some make claims for mataqali land but they are not listed."
A provincial office team is visiting villages in the province gathering birth certificates.
"We intend to get everyone that is supposed to be listed by year end," he said.
"A 34-year-old man recently came in to get registered. They should be registered soon after birth."

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  • This is a very serious case indeed because if people are not registered it might give the illegal Regime ideas of how to defraud the Taukeis of their land rights under the land reform that is being proposed.With the idiot Leweni as the PS for the Lands Department anything can happen and I am sure people who have brains are already making plans to expolit Leweni's foolishness and stupidity.

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Divu said...

Cakaudrove provincial council must be made to be non bias ex. if you belong to Somosomo, Wainikeli then your job is guaranteed in the CPC office. Forget about the other Tikinas listed under as Cakaudrove, they are to listen & not to question. Gone are the days of dictatorship & welcome to the new world of recognition & democratic equality. Am not surprised that information of Kai Viti are missing cos oppression of he least still exists today. Wake up Cakaudrove, & smell the roses.
No one is least, everyone is equal
Stand up my Vanua O Vuna & take back what is rightfully yours.