Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Village Dream Takes Shape

Fiji Times - Tuesday, April 13, 2010

THE realisation of having their own school and a nursing station may come sooner rather than later for villagers of Nasivikoso.
The villagers, along with project managers of Fiji Dreaming, recently held a sports day fundraiser in aid of the school and the nursing station.
Children of Nasivikoso attend the neighboring village schools in Bukuya and Natutale Primary School.
When weather conditions are unfavorable, students do not attend classes because they have to cross nearby streams which are prone to flash-flooding.
Fiji Dreaming project manager Clint Miller said talks on setting up this project have been in the pipeline for the last two years. Fiji Dreaming donated $1000, the village raised around $3000 and the visiting Australian students contributed about $500.
Mr Miller said the funds collected were not enough, adding they needed the assistance of business houses.
"From my perspective there has never been any understanding of how we do this project and learning about how the government designates a nursing station or a primary school for that matter," he said.
"Businesses could get in touch with us on projectsfijidreaming.com.
"After completing kindergarten, the young children would have to go away to school. We want to give their parents to share the education with the children."
Mr Miller said the project would start with classes one and two.
Fiji Dreaming local project manager Alifereti Nasokia said the one thing they had been teaching the villagers was the placement of their priorities.

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