Monday, February 08, 2010

From the dalo plot to a recording studio

Fiji Times - Elenoa Baselala

Monday, February 08, 2010

THE length of time it has taken Rescue Brothers to cut their first album, it makes you wonder why they even bother.

But when you hear them sing and talk of how eager they were as little kids following their dads and uncles to villages along the Tunuloa coast to entertain, you begin to understand.

Tupeni Baba, the band leader of the group from Koroivonu Village, said they had wanted to do better than their fathers.

"We are all cousins and we have been trying for so long. We toiled, cried, fought and went through tough times. Finally we have managed to release our first album," Mr Baba said.

The group at one time were in Delaivuna in Taveuni planting dalo where they managed to buy musical instruments.

In 2006, they left the comforts of their village to perform in Sigatoka to raise funds for a recording.

"'Eitou sa oca sara ga, 'eitou 'ana va'aca, 'eitou moce va'aca, eitou veivala," Mr Baba said relaying how hard they tried.

Their album aptly named Au Tagica comprises 10 songs, and their main message is for youths to work hard and, more importantly, for all to unite and work together.

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