Thursday, August 07, 2008

Fijians will be marginalised: Qarase

Fijians will be marginalised: Qarase - 07/08/2008

The recommendation that indigenous Fijian development interests be mainstreamed into national development plans is an attempt to marginalise Fijians, says ousted Prime Minister Laisenia Qarase.Reacting to the proposal in the draft People’s Charter that an integrated development structure at the provincial level be established, Qarase said it is an attempt to also marginalise the Fijian administration.“The introduction itself is very negative of the Fijian administration and is a first step to dismantling it.“I am sure there will be much opposition to it,” he told Fijilive.According to the Charter, the dual system of governance at the local level, through the provincial and advisory councils is ethnic-driven and conflicts with the vision of one nation, one people.It said the Fijian administration, as a system of governance for indigenous Fijians has failed in the economic areas of economic and social development, despite some successes.The Charter then, among others, proposes to establish representative Provincial Development Boards (PDBs) for each province by integrating the present provincial and advisory councils.Furthermore, it proposes to effectively review the roles and functions of the Ministry of Indigenous Affairs, Department of Multi-ethnic Affairs, Ministry of Urban Development and the Ministry of Provincial Development.

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