Friday, July 11, 2008

Tui Yaroi Title

Tui Yaroi
Letter to Editor - - 10 July 2008

FOR the information of Jovilisi Cavuka (FT 2/7) the leading chief of Matuku at the time, the Tui Yaroi, was taken captive by Ma'afu and held prisoner in Lakeba until his death.

He never returned to Matuku. It was none other than the Tui Yaroi's own son, Kolitagane, who sought the assistance of Ma'afu to stop the Tui Yaroi terrorising and killing villagers on the island who had accepted the lotu.

The present chiefly title of Tui Matuku was created by Ma'afu. So it does not stand to reason that a slain and defeated army as claimed by Mr Cavuka would then march up to the supposed victorious chief's own village and take the chief prisoner.

I would urge Mr Cavuka to read the documented accounts of these that are readily available at the National Archives and church arrival records.

It would enlighten him of some circumstances that are best forgotten.

Samisoni Kaitu


Anonymous said...

Samisoni Kaitu should get his facts right. Firstly the Tui Yaroi was not a captive in Lakeba, and secondly its not Kolitagane the Tu Yaroi's son. It was Kolilevu. You'll wonder why we dont wear the tawala or whatever u guys call it.. its because of what happens from that time. And I think my ancestors fought that battle pretty hard that leave the togans with no options but to fake the results. Vinaka

Anonymous said...

Oh yes, Saimoni Kaitu. He must be referring to the black & white records written by him and others and I do not think he is a kai Matuku so he should not be saying anything about the issue.
Since your "facts" are derived from the archives, which is limited, I suggest you go to Matuku and make your research from there.
I was brought up in the island and my facts are passed on from generation to generation.

So Can you please tell me why we do not wear "gafigafi" or mat around our waist whenever and wherever we, the Matuku people, go to any traditional functions such as death in i.e Bau Is or Lakeba? We even have the privilege NOT to wear Sulu, we can go around Tubou or Bau Is wearing shorts.

Where were you during the late Tui Nayau's funeral? Did you ever see us wearing the gafigafi? NO!!We did not..! Why?